Amazon Basic Cyber Sports Mouse Pad – 2021 Buying Guide

Who in this world is not aware of Amazon, one of the largest markets for basic commodities to advanced gadgets, the brand has made up its marks in almost every type of product. Besides the range of products, the brand is all set to try out its luck in the accessories section.

So here we are with the state of the art Amazon basic e-sports mouse pad. The product came in the market a few days back and created quite a stir for its mixed reaction. So how about taking a dig into the amazing product, and see if it matches up to the requirement of a good gaming mouse mat?

Amazon Basic Mouse Pad

Amazon basic mouse pad


A product of excellent quality fabric, the accessory is especially for people who use mouse for hours. Now, you can uplift the entire experience with the one. The elegant black color certainly makes it worth enhancing the beauty of your desk.


  • Gaming mouse pad
  • High-quality cloth surface for smooth gliding
  • 2mm rubberized base keeps the pad in place
  • Machine washable
  • Measures 12.6 by 10.6 by .08 inches
  • Backed by an Amazon Basics limited

Getting on, the product features a super sleek design which helps in precision and utmost control over the mouse. Besides, the 2mm thick rubber based does not let the mouse slide away so that you can experience flawless use of the mouse.

The product sticks well on flat, hard, and any other tabletop where you place your system. Amazon Basic is a convenient product in every possible manner. Its maintenance is quite simple, in case you think it’s dirty, toss it in the machine and it will come out tidy as new.

The accessory is especially for the high-end e-sports player and graphic designers who do not have a restricted limit of hours in front of the system.  Merely 4.2 ounces heavy, the product is backed by the brand’s one year warranty. Furthermore, the fun part is that you can high with the prices according to your need and budget. It costs low as 7 bucks on the small size and high as 21 bucks for the XXL size.

Pros and Cons

Despite the fact that the product seems amazing and worth buying in every aspect, yet you can’t consider it to be perfect. None of the product is perfect and that rule applies for this one as well. So let us take a look at the pros and cons of this Utes-desirable product:

  • The product is backed by the brand’s or. Year warranty and that is sheer proof to the durability of the product.
  • Easy cleaning, the accessory is machine washable
  • Relatively bigger in size
  • Reasonable in terms of price
  • Usable in numerous genres depending upon your mood
  • Not impressive in tracking
  • Not suitable for FPS games

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