ASUS ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse – 2021 Buying Guide

The brand Asus is quite famous for its products jam-packed with features, the Asus ROG Spatha is the newest flagship mouse of the brand and a gadget worth buying.

Asus holds an eminent position in the Republic of Gamers line; so clearly, the product must be something that can match up the level. The Asus gaming mouse not disappointing the consumers, yet again have ensure a professional e-player will seek.

Asus ROG Spatha

Asus ROG Spatha Review

Now the question pinching you is that the market has numerous brands rendering state of the art e-sports mouse, so what makes Asus standout? The answer is quite simple, from appearance to specs, it is a complete package. Firstly, talking about the material the mouse is reliable, flawless magnesium alloy bottom plate glides across almost every surface and attaches to the magnetic charging Dock in by a snap of fingers.

Plus, to dig down into the technicality, the mouse has 12 programmable buttons with 6 programmable buttons on the side for thumb resembling the shape of the classic ROG icon, cool nah! Furthermore, the e-sports mouse has a 3 zone light. You can personalize the LED on like scrolling the wheel or pressing any button it’s your call.

Spatha is a player’s mouse catering to different preferences of every user, so if you are trying to figure out either it is a wired to a wireless mouse, the answer is right away. You will surprise to know that it works well in both ways. Attack a wire, and you’re wired mouse is ready, while removing it and prepare a wireless mouse for the boys gaming night, sounds fun!

The excellent Asus software renders 30 G acceleration, 2000 Hz polling rate, and maximum 8200 DPI laser sensor. In addition, the sleek ergonomic designs ensure a convenient grip to every user. Even though the product is slightly on the higher side in pricing, but I guarantee it is worth each penny you invest.

The Asus Spatha gaming mouse is customizable, and the switch socket design is sheer proof to that. You will get a screwdriver along with the purchase of the mouse so that you can switch the socket according to the game’s demand. The mouse is slightly heavy, built for professional gamers.

So if you are a gaming freak, invest in this spectacular mouse and be fearless to conquer any e-sports challenge. The product is quite durable and a one-time investment it a long journey to hours of gaming.

I am a proud e-Sports freak, and my experience with the Spatha mouse was a sheer delight. Though the product has a long list of features, there is nothing in this world as perfect. So let’s have a sneak peek into the pros and cons of the gaming mouse:

  • Attractive design for the users
  • A list of customizable features enables you to use it the way you want
  • Customizable RGB light to impresses your friends
  • The super comfortable mouse I’ve come across
  • A range of features both in software and hardware
  • Slight heavy
  • The Spatha mouse is an expensive mouse you will see in the market
  • The side button is a bit hard to press

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