Corsair Gaming Mouse Mat MM200 – 2021 Buying Guide

Talk about reliable gadgets with prices within your means then Corsair is the first product that clicks me. The brand had quite an amazing journey of success over the pad couple of years and it’s one on one product is a sheer proof of the brand being a chartbuster.

Besides the range of gadgets and e-sports peripherals, the brand features some yummy accessories that we feel like owning. This content encircles around such an accessory, the mouse pad. Those of you who are willing to buy the Corsair MM200 does not hit the red exit button, as this review is all about this product.

So make sure you read the entire thing before jumping to any conclusion. The MM200 is the unusual mat that is especially for the high DPI mouse. The product is crafted from the utmost quality material.

Corsair gaming mouse mat MM200

Corsair gaming mouse mat MM200



  • Superior control: Textile-weave surface designed for pixel-precise targeting and low friction tracking
  • Accurate + Precise: Optimized for both laser and optical gaming mice
  • Zero slip: Anti-skid rubber base helps it stay securely in place
  • Comfortable: 360mm x 300mm x 2mm surface area
  • It weighs around 5.3 ounces


Would you believe that you will get accuracy, speed, high DPI rate, and accurate tracking in one product? Sounds surreal, but it’s true, the Corsair mat is one of its kind due to its textile crafted surface design.

Besides, the best part is the sticky rubber base which is quite thick to stop the mat from sliding away. The product is durable and performs well in every situation. Now, let’s talk about the game-changing feature which is that the product is wholly customizable, which means that you can personalize it according to your need and game demand.

The amazing mouse pad is available in four distinctive sizes which are small, medium, large, and extra large. Thus you have an option regarding which one you should pick. Though it is slightly expensive, those who are a corsair loyal customer will surely go for it.

Pros and cons

Despite the fact that the product offers cool features like customization and durability, we still cannot claim it to be the perfect one. In case you are making up your mind to buy it, wait and take a look at the pros and cons based on my personal experience with the accessory:

  • The supreme fabric ensures on point and accuracy.
  • Suitable for both optical and laser sensor
  • Expensive
  • The smell of the chemical can be a pain

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