Corsair Sabre RGB – 2021 Best Budget FPS Gaming Mouse

An expensive and lavish sports mouse is a good gaming mouse, I’m happy that Corsair proved it wrong with the Corsair Sabre RGB. A ray of personalized features at such an affordable price is a treat for all the e-Sports freak.

Corsair Sabre RGB

Corsair Gaming Sabre Review



The perfect gaming mouse is a flawless blend of features at a minimal price. You can call it younger brother of Corsair m65 since they have many features in common. Besides, the mouse holds the privilege of being a lightweight e-sports mouse with no compromise of features.

The mouse weighs merely 100 g. So if you plan to relish a gaming session at less DPI, a trick from my end is to opt for a big mouse pad and. Enjoy stress-free gaming session.

The design of this beauty is neat, simple, and classic. Comprising on matte black plastic, it has 8 programmable buttons bs a scroll wheel. It also includes two DPI indicator and DPI amendment buttons.  Moreover, use it as your trump card for long e-Sports battles where you can’t miss a single shot without compromising on comfort.

The super comfortable grip for all sorts of grip styles in an extensive choice of the game genre, be it FPS, RTS or MOBA. However, we miss the sniper button on the Sabre like M65 pro.

The Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse offers 10,000 DPI. The optical sensor refers to high DPI along with the vibrant DPI indicator keeps you updated. Furthermore, you can also modify the color I case you want. Besides the bang on and utterly precise tracking system ensures the best performance to combat the enemy without missing a. Single shot. While the moron switches render 20 million without a break. WHAO!

The story makes no end here, Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse has a four-zone RGB lighting to add glam to your mouse. You can also seek help from the Corsair Utility engine CUE to change the color of the RGB light.

You will be surprised to know that it offers 16.8 million fun colour choices for you. Furthermore, it also empowers you to modify the brightness and color cycle go the mouse by opting for the speed of your choice, isn’t it cool?

Besides the CUE indicator also helps in performance tuning along with customization liberty solely according to your desire. This makes me head over heels in love with the Corsair Engine Utility software.

Now even though the mouse is quite fun and has almost every feature an average E-sport player will ask. However, before jumping to any decision, take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of this beauty.

  • Guarantees convenient gliding
  • State do the art sensor renders high DPI for unbeatable performance
  • Sparkling RGB light, though you can modify it through the CUE software
  • Excellent combination of affordable price with a bunch of features
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design doesn’t let you feel tired
  • Some people might find the design not impressive
  • Lighting seems pleasant but only decorative.
  • Preferably for the right-hand users

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