Corsair Scimitar RGB Gaming Mouse – 2021 Buying Guide

Talk about the brand of the leading gadget in the technology world, and we cannot miss out Corsair. The brand has a list of some amazing gaming gadgets, and when they declare of launching the e-sports mouse I was thrilled, because I knew something amazing is coming.

Therefore, not disappointing me a bit, the brand has Corsair Scimitar RGB mouse in the market and people love it.

Corsair Scimitar RGB Mouse

Corsair SCIMITAR Review


If you are an MMO or MOBA player, then get your hands on this revolutionary product as it highly focuses on them. The hypnotic sorts’ mouse has a side slider with 12 thumb keys, and this brings the total of 17 buttons…..hmmm impressive!

Let’s start with the shape, and this slightly heavy gaming mouse has an ergonomic design. Now I acknowledge brands for coming up with this ergonomic design as it caters to all sorts of grip style. The archy shape and smooth top layer do not feel harsh to your hands.

Besides you can personalize the mouse, acknowledgements to the key slider, while this 8 mm slider is locked so that each key is readily accessible for you. The advanced e-sports mouse caters to the needs of professional players where they need multiple keys for different stuff such as weapon change or bullets etc. 

Moreover, the mouse has four RGB zones to ultimate, and gives that centre of attraction feel to the mouse. This four zone RGB lights render endless personalization and configures individually. Now suppose you are in the climax of a game, and you need fast response time, what will you do? Simple push the transfer rate of USB to the maximum, and now you can get the speed of 1 m/s so that you do not miss a single shot.

If you think your hand enough, wait for more, as the null acceleration advanced optical sensor provides super impressive 16000 DPI. Get ready for any sort of advanced game because the revolutionary optical sensor will be precise, and the row of buttons will help you assign multiple shortcuts.

The Corsair CUE software controls the corsair Scimitar gaming mouse, and honestly, I’m in love with it. Offering a range of feature, it ensures that you do not merely configure the mouse; instead you program it with tailored MMO timer countdowns, and double macros, RGB lighting, DPI matrices, etc.

I’m sure after looking at such a long list of features you might feel like buying it. I agree it is a great gaming mouse, and if you an E-sports freak enjoying game night with friends, then it is suitable for you. However, let us take a look at the pros and cons as well.

  • Exceptional tracking kudos to Pixart sensor
  • 17 programmable buttons are specially for the MMO and MOBA players
  • The beautiful 4 zone RGB light looks pleasant to the eyes
  • Outstanding quality
  • So users might find it hefty
  • If you do not use the thumb button, it might give you a tough time

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