Glorious PC Gaming Race Extended Mouse Mat – 2021 Review

The growing consumption of PC game is opening doors to innovation, and accessories to uplift the entire experience. Now, the market has tons of brands featuring the range of mouse odd that it gets confusing which one to pick.

Each one is distinctive and catchy in its own way; however, the Glorious PC gaming race gaming extended mouse mat is quite popular in the market due to its cool features. The 15.4 ounces heavy product has all the attributes a professional e-sports player would seek in its mouse pad.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Gaming Extended Mouse Mat

Glorious PC Gaming Race Gaming Extended Mouse Mat


Be it an attacking the opponent, backfiring the target or indulging into some serious office work such as graphic designing, the product is capable of nailing every task with utmost perfection. Moreover, the product is designed and finished in a way that it ensures long life and durability.


  • Dimension: 36″x11″x0.12″ which means it has both mechanical keyboard and mouse (Long/XXL size)
  • Smooth cloth surface – Optimized for fast movement while maintaining excellent SPEED and CONTROL during gaming
  • Non-slip rubber base – Provides heavy grip preventing sliding or movement of the mouse pad
  • Anti-Fraying stitched frame – Greatly increases lifespan and aesthetics of gaming mouse pad
  • Machine Washable


Now, let us dig into the features, a detailed look at features helps you decide if it is favorable for you or not. First and foremost, the product is specifically for e-sports players but can accommodate all sorts of users including office workers as well.

The flawless surface renders minimum friction which ultimately yields both excellent control and speed. Thus the Glorious mouse pad targets all sorts of users. Besides the product is machine washable so that maintenance is quite easy.

The story makes no end here, the anti-fray stitching of the mouse mat ensures a long life. The textured rubber bottom does not let it slip away, in fact, it perfectly holds the desktop. Nonetheless, the silky surface renders bang on targeting and the least amount of friction.

Highest quality and minimum price, the product is accessible in different sizes in various fun shades. You can get the following sizes in this one:

  • LARGE 11x13in, 2mm thickness
  • XL 16x18in, 2mm thickness
  • XL HEAVY 16x18in, 5mm thickness
  • EXTENDED 36x11in, 3mm thickness
  • XXL 36x18in, 3mm thickness
  • 3XL 48x24in, 3mm thickness

Pros and cons

Despite the fact that the product has all the features one can ask, yet it cannot claim to be the perfect accessory. There is always the darker side of the picture, so let us take a look at the bright and dark side of the product.

  • the silky soft fabric surface
  • sticky rubber base
  • mouse sensor and sensitivity optimized
  • anti-fraying stitching frame
  • washable in machine
  • Range of sizes and colors
  • Caters to both speed and control
  • Excellent for work and games
  • does not adhere in a place well
  • shows scuff lines clearly

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