Kingston Technology HyperX Fury S Mouse Pad – 2021 Buying Guide

I’m sure you all must be aware of Kingston, the label utterly famous for its gadgets, and especially accessories. Even though the brand features tons of product and my list can go on and on if I start counting, but this article is wholly dedicated to the Kingston technology HyperX Fury S gaming mouse pad.

The product came two years back, and since then the product is a favorite accessory of all the PC owners. State of the art features, and excellent material, a mouse mat can’t get better than this. The smartly woven fabric and fine edging, this product ensures durability for the longest period of time.

Kingston technology Hyper X Fury S

Kingston technology Hyper X Fury S


Besides living up to the expectation of a gigantic target market, the Brand is on its constant struggle of facilitating customers with the one on one state of the art product. Weighing 1.1 pounds, if you want precision and optical mouse tracking, this pad is what every e-sports freak can ask.

I’m sure you are curious to know in detail about the product, so without further ado let me give you a review of the product based upon my personal experience with this product.


  • Seamless, Anti-fray stitched edges
  • Densely woven surface for accurate Optical tracking
  • Natural rubber textured underside stays stable
  • Four sizes suitable for most play spaces and styles
  • Portable and long-lasting


Now, the first feature that I observed, and pressed me was the flawless stitching to secure the edges of the product. Hence, you can buy it without any concern regarding durability. Either you want accuracy or remarkable speed, the smartly woven material makes this one silky soft to touch, and personalization according to your need.

What’s more is that the product is accessible in numerous sizes depending upon your need and size of the desk. Nonetheless, the product has smooth fabric which so comforting for the wrist along with the textured rubber base to make the mat stick to the desktop.

The super think mouse pad goes well with both optical and laser mouse. While the two sides surface empowers you to use it with both sides thus fewer chances of getting dirty. Furthermore, the brand features 2 years warranty of the product as a sheer proof to their strong faith in the product.

Pros and cons

Regardless of the fact that the product has every feature, a good mouse mat should have, yet it does have some pluses and loopholes that you should know before buying it. So these are the pros and cons that I observed in the Hyper X Fury.

  • even surface
  • Supreme quality material and dual sides make it last long
  • available in 4 sizes to pick from
  • fair price
  • good choice for both optical tracking and speed
  • unpleasant rubber odor
  • ceases to slip around on the desk
  • does not lay perfectly smooth after curling

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