Logitech G502 Review 2021 – Highest Native DPI Mouse

Back in the year 2014, Logitech came up with the ideal Logitech G502. The product gave a new definition to the gaming mouse and by far it is the hottest seller gaming mouse by the label. It’s still number 1 and none of the other mice can matchup G502 in terms of quality and price.

Logitech G502



The G502 Proteus Spectrum is an updated version of the classic Proteus Core; however, the staple Proteus light (or the RGB light) is what makes it unique. So if you are planning for a gaming mouse without messing up your budget, Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is what I would suggest, and believe me you won’t regret a bit.

For starters, let’s have a look at the material, first, the wheel comprises of metal. However, the plastic buttons are durable enough to sustain approximately 10 million clicks. Moreover, the brad and Shield covers the cable to prevent any rupture.

The G502 Proteus Spectrum gaming mouse has 11 programmable buttons enabling to assign shortcut or directly execute any command. The mouse has an out of the world weight adjustment and tuning system which assist you at weight amendments, center balancing, and a lot more.

Enough of the appearance it’s time to get slightly technical. The mM65 Proteus Spectrum is a perfect blend of enormous features at a flexible price. Firstly, the mouse features 5 splendid DPI setting, offering up to 12,000 DPI for a bang on targets.

Besides as the name signifies the m65 Proteus Spectrum features proteus RGB light, which is the Logitech version. While the sole reason backing the advanced Proteus light is that it’s trending. Moreover, the gaming mouse has an optical sensor, which is certainly a better pick than the laser sensor. The reason is quite simple the optical sensor is ideal for hour’s long e-sports session and quick response on almost any surface.

Even though the Logitech M65 gaming mouse has every feature an e-sports player will ever seek. Reasonable price with the most competitive features, no wonder why this mouse is the hottest seller of the brand.

However, despite such a long list of features, this product has some plus and loopholes. Do not worry I’m not scaring you, take a look at a few of them, and then decide if it is worth your money or not:

It’s Lighter

The G502 Native DPI Mouse actually manages to be lighter than original by a couple of grams even with all the new wireless tech inside. The scroll wheel is rubber coated and thinner to save some weight.

Outside of a slightly larger G logo on the mouse, the G502 Native DPI Mouse retains its aggressive gamer aesthetic. That’s basically it. The G502 Light speed delivers a great wireless experience in a classic mouse, at a premium, it costs approximately as much as the G Pro Wireless and G903, so if you’re looking to cord-cut that classic ergo shape, you’ll have to pony up to do so.


In all likelihood you’re familiar with the shape of the G502 mouse, it’s a classic shape that’s been around for years, the best selling gaming mouse of all time.

If you’re not familiar, the G502 DPI Native is an ergonomic mouse, the mouse is a heavyweight coming in at 121 grams with the option of adding more weight via 3.6-gram tuning weights.

  • Whooping 11 buttons ensure utmost customization
  • Excellent optical sensor renders accuracy and better outcome
  • Braided wire cord prevents it from damaging
  • Massive DPI between 2000 to 12000; moreover, the DPI indicator light strips installed in the mouse
  • State of the art RGB lights renders 16.8 million colors
  • Durable and excellent quality design created from metal and plastic
  • Affordable price with no compromise of features
  • Ergonomic style facilitate all sorts of user
  • Tranquil shape designed for every grip style
  • Surface running and amendable weights meet the requirements of modern times.
  • The Logitech software to amend game setting is tricky for fresher
  • The mouse is hard to handle for lefties

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