Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse – 2021 Buying Guide

The RazerOuroboros masters the heap of the most desirable gaming mouse of the current era. The brand is a status symbol among numerous e-sports dies heart fans as the brand never compromises on the quality.

Therefore, naturally, the RazerOuroboros needs to be excellent in every department to meet the high expectations of the users. The cool gaming mouse with a striking name and sizzling symbol of a snake eating its own tail leaves a good impression on the user.

Razer Ouroboros Mouse


Ouroboros is considered competition to the hottest trending Spatha, but there are a few features that make it outshine. Before we get unit the details of features and stuff, let me ask you a question, what is the primary thing you notice in a mouse?

Yes, it’s a comfort; I bet that RazerOuroboros is the most comfortable gaming mouse you will come across. Even after hours of thrill and gaming, you will never get that tired feeling that is the power of a comforting design.

Besides another feature that differentiates it from Spatha is the ambidextrous design, so no matter either you are a leftie or right-handed or whatever grip style, you can still enjoy the feel of a professional gaming mouse.

Now, time to get technical, and let us start with the massive 11 programmable buttons rendering complete liberty to customize it according to your will. While dual sensor makes sure that things go in perfect order.

The RazerOuroboros is a mouse for ambitious players who prefer features of appearance; therefore, you will see no RGB lights on this one. Besides, the fun part is that you can use it as a wired or wireless mouse depending on your mood.

The brand is taking charge of bringing e-gaming to the next level through online cloud support. All you have to do it save Ouroboros’s customer profile and sync them from every nook and corner of the world via their cloud system.

Now that’s what I call technology to the next level, simple and convenient! The wholly customizable mouse renders around 82 DPI through the advanced laser sensor. State of ten art sensor makes sure that you get the best results while the software suite applies the perfect finishing touches to this absolute desirable product.

Despite the fact that is the stunning mouse is a reliable pick of numerous professional players, it does hold some loopholes as well. Enough of the pluses now, I’m sure you all understand the infinite specs of this mouse, but let us have a quick glance over the drawbacks and benefits as well.

  • Be it buttons or Palm rest, the most customizable mouse you will buy
  • Use it either wireless or wired mouse the call is yours while charging wire will not let the battery fade away
  • Ambidextrous design to cater all sorts of users
  • Dual sensor for the utmost precision during the action-packed gaming session
  • Long battery life ensures nothing comes between you and the winning goal
  • Razersynapse 2.0 renders a memorable software experience
  • Customizable ergonomic
  • Two sets of side grips for the gamers
  • Slightly tricky for the beginners
  • Among the major expensive mouse in the market
  • Intermittent tracking problem
  • To modify the settings you need a cloud-based driver.

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