ROCCAT Sense High Precision Gaming Mouse Pad – 2021 Review

Though the market is completely jam-packed with a bunch of brands featuring one on one advanced mouse pads with cool features to spellbind you in every possible manner, none can match up the charm of ROCCAT.

If you are seeking for a high sensitivity mouse mat which ensures bang on precession, then the ROCCAT Sense High Precision Gaming Mouse Pad is what I would recommend. Rendering a stunning blend of technology and design, this beauty is for all the e-sports freak who wish for unbeatable speed during these intense sessions when you are about to combat the opponent.

ROCCAT Sense High Precision Gaming Mouse Pad

ROCCAT Sense high Precision gaming mouse pad


The supreme quality material and smart engineering cater to all the people who are well aware of the significance of a pad. The state of the art product came back in 2012 and in no time it got the status in the list of the worlds smartest and highest selling mouse pad.

Merely 8 ounces in weight it has everything one could ever ask. The soft cloth ensures speed, more calibration, less sliding and the best of performance to win the game.


  • 2 mm high
  • Less friction
  • Optimum sliding area
  • Rubber bottom for good grip
  • Accessible in different sizes
  • 7 x 11 x 0.1 inches in dimension


Now, you might be wondering there isn’t anything fascinating up till now that makes it worth your money and time. So take a look at the features in order to understand my emphasis on this one.

The super soft fabric for creating this product plays a vital role at high calibration, great speed, and ergonomic attributed to render the bang on performance.

Furthermore, the microcrystalline coating on the rubber base reduces the amount of friction. The pad has ample of command surface with the size of 400 by 280 mm and super thin as merely 2 mm high this ensuring optimum gliding area. The product has every damn reason a professional e-sports player can ask to buy the ROCCAT Sense.

For instance, the rubber base sets you free from the stress of sliding as it sticks quite well to the table. The brand is quite proud of its claim that it is the world’s most tested and immensely loved mouse pad, and professionals from all over the world swear by it.

Pros and cons

Even though it sounds like the ideal mouse pad for anyone who is a desktop warrior, but waits and checks out the pros and cons before you dive into any conclusion. I know it’s fancy and cool features are fascinating, but a look at the other side of the picture as well:

  • Excellent sliding due to ultra-thin surface
  • Less friction
  • Super thin merely 2 mm high
  • Excellent size
  • Appealing
  • Good for a wireless mouse
  • Some mouse may lag
  • Pricey

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