Steel Series QcK Gaming Mouse Pad – 2021 Buying Guide

 Steel series is quite a noteworthy brand in the world of PC and gadgets. Its peripherals such as a mouse are always in the list of top most products. All thanks to the tactful engineering of finest quality material and completely jam-packed with features that steel series is enjoying the status of elite brands in the world.

Even though we have talked about their nice in various articles, so this time let us go for a change and discuss the ravishing Steel Series QcK e-sports mouse pad.

Steel Series QcK Gaming Mouse Pad

Steel series QcK gaming mouse pad


The product came into the market back in 2004, and since then it is quite a hit due to the supreme quality fabric and the list of features. The QcK range is one of the most celebrated ranges of mats of the world catering to the varying customer needs in one product.

Besides, the product has successfully passed the mouse sensor technology test. The 8 ounces heavy mat is the favorite choice of many e-sports freak plus it is available in different sizes to accommodate varying needs of all types of players.


  • The safest choice of e-sports experts over the past 20 years
  • Exclusive QcK micro-woven cloth optimized for low and high DPI tracking movements
  • Non-slip rubber base eliminates unwanted movement
  • The perfect size for fast-paced and low DPI players who require extra space for sweeping mouse movements
  • 450 mm x 400 mm x 2 mm / 17.72 in x 15.75 in


Now, let us dig deep into the feature to help you get a better picture of the product. First and foremost, is the integral component of every mouse mat which is the fabric? The excellent quality surface empowers all types of players to master their gaming skills.

No wonder that the brand is witnessing the sale of above 10 million mats over the past few years. Furthermore, the non-slippery rubber base further adds to the convenience. It stops all sorts on unwanted movement and slipping of the mouse.

The product is utterly recommended for the low DPI players who are seeking for a bigger area tI to move the mouse.

Pros and cons

Even though the product seems to be on-point in terms of basic needs of an e-sport player, yet there are some flaws as it is the rule of the world. So without further dragging the conversation, let us directly jump to the pros and cons of this hypnotic product:

  • One of the flawless tracking surface you can get
  • Inexpensive and reasonable
  • Big enough to track working and –sports in a go
  • Need constant updating
  • Can attract dust quite easily

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