SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse – 2021 Buying Guide

The increasing demand for e-sports mouse is compelling brands to put up their creativity hats and come up with an innovative, yet state of the art mouse.

The Steel Series rival is a shining star in the galaxy of gaming mice, and every gamer will agree to this fact. Itsreputation and impeccable features are the key behind making this mouse master the list of elite gaming peripherals.

Steel Series Rival 700

Steelseries Rival 700



Encompassing every bit of detail one would ever ask including the modified optical sensor, RGB lights, bunch of shape choices and buttons, and this beauty has all of my attention. The steel series Rival 700 caters to all the people who like slight customization in their gaming mouse.

The modern gaming mouse has an OLED screen, and vibrating motors adding a bit of charm to it. However, mind you that this gaming mouse has no such boundaries of game genre, you can enjoy any game anytime with the stunning Rival 700.

 A medium size mouse having RGB light, 7 personalizing buttons, and 135 grams weight; yes, it is a heavy gaming mouse! However, a significant point is that you can’t get rid of that extra weight, unlike the Corsair mouse. Let us get deep into the technical specs of Rival 700.

First and foremost, the in-game alerts and triggers are sheer proof of custom ability the mouse offers. Besides, the OLED screen offers a variety of benefits, including enabling you to display your name on the mouse. Furthermore, you can display a bunch of cool stuff, including fun GIFs. The 1000 Hz polling rate and ergonomic style are for all kinds of gripping style.

The story makes no end here, the steel series Razer gaming mouse renders massive 16,000 DPI on the optical sensor, while you can get 8000 DPI on a laser sensor.

Furthermore, you can change the sensor and mouse top shell according to your need (obviously you have to purchase it desperately) which again depicts the dedication of Razer towards rendering an elite quality product. Razer seems to be on an untiring journey of facilitating its customers with, and we are literally drooling over the creative ideas.

So are you planning a late night game-off with the pals? Razer 700 mouse is an ideal pick. Besides, endless features you can also customize the length of your mouse by plugging a short or long cable according to your need. So you can sit right up on the system or lie down on the comfy sofa, and enjoy the thrill.

Even though the product features some of the technologically advanced specs for the ultimate fun of games of every genre, yet the product has some benefits and drawbacks as well.

  • Complete customization facility be it a sensor, buttons or the top shell
  • The unique OLED screen can display almost anything including spunky GIFs
  • The only mouse featuring tactical alerts and notification by vibration during the game
  • Unique design for all type of grips
  • The essential RGB light
  • Works well for every genre of game
  • Slightly expensive for an average buyer, after all, it’s just a mouse
  • Some people might find it heavy and you can’t get rid of that extra weight unlike Corsair
  • Lacks ambidextrous design
  • The spare modules are expensive

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