UtechSmart Venus RGB Wired MMO Gaming Mice – 2021 Review

UtechSmart Venus MMO gaming mice is a high-precision LED RGB backlight programmable gaming mouse that can set DPI (200 – 16400), mouse button function, weight, and lighting effects according to each user’s habits and preferences. 

UtechSmart Venus Laser MMO Gaming Mouse

UtechSmart Venus High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse


UtechSmart MMO gaming mouse has an excellent grip, colorful cool lighting effects and efficient and easy operation, bringing more freshness and exciting gaming experience to gamers.

Works great with games that have need of a lot of buttons at your disposal: World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Star Wars games, any FPS/MMORPG/MOBA or MMO games.

Driver software is not available for Mac OS, but buttons and lights can still be used as an ordinary computer mouse. For different MMO games and different gaming player’s operating preferences, Venus gaming mouse can map the 18 programmable mouse buttons “total 19 mouse buttons” and assign macros to match your game, easily organize the key binding and character capabilities of any game to meet multiple needs.

Utech gaming mouse is also suitable for engineering. Many engineers use this wired PC gaming mouse for AutoCAD. You can program macros into your macro manager and assign them to each button to help you work faster. For example, type a button to set functions such as recording and saving.

The appearance of the MMO gaming mouse is ergonomically designed to fit the right hand and the frosted painting surface makes it more comfortable to grip. It also provides support for the thumb and ring finger, reducing the burden on the hand.


  • Product dimensions: 8.9 x 8.2 x 3.8 inches.
  • Item weight: 7.5 ounces.
  • Shipping weight: 12 ounces.
  • Manufacturer: UTECHSMART INC.
  • Item model number: FBA_Venus.
  • 18 programmable mouse buttons.
  • Durable smooth TEFLON feet pads.
  • Ergonomic Right-Handed design.
  • Special Setting Switch Button.
  • Double Teflon pad.
  • Braided connecting cable.
  • More buttons than rivals.
  • Comfortable during gaming time.
  • Downloading software is complex.

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